# Friday, 21 November 2008

Theirs a reason your going to see a lot of "Deal-Flashes" on the site, the fact is that cheap deals especially ones that last only for a short amount of time is the fact that they can easily be flipped and resold for a pretty decent profit in many cases. Not to mention the fact that one effective way to increase your savings in your bank is to spend less cash when it comes to buying things you need.

Their are many great sites that offer things like our Deal-Flashes and I'm sure they will have many deals that we miss and overtime we will probably do a few deal site reviews of our own to discuss which sites you should really keep an eye on.

On top of this we're also playing around with the idea of how best to manage the deal flashes as this is just the beginning of the new site, eventually I plan to also roll out something along the lines of "Resale-Flashes" which would basically be confirmed resellable items that you can make a profit off of with items reselling on ebay, or just generally via your own online store. These Resale Flashes will show the price that we found the item for as well as further information such as the Low/High/Average price found online as well as the price that the items are available for on eBay.

As the Resale-Flashes are kind of the golden deals there will probably be fewer of them over time but they will come eventually and of course they will most likely be time sensitive but we're going to try to bring them to you as often and as quickly as possible so that you can easily react to them and earn a bit of cash.