# Tuesday, 25 November 2008

In a bid for complete openness and starting to discuss the best of ways to earn cash. We've already discussed some basic internet resale, but it's time to discuss a few things a bit more. shady. Today this post is going to go over a bit of a darker way of earning cash namely, High Yield Investment Programs. First thing to understand is that HYIP's are NOT AN INVESTMENT I don't care if it's a program/site that's been up for 5 years it's still a game and nothing more.

Don't listen to ANYONE whether it be a referrer, a website, a reviewer it doesn't matter don't believe for a second that a HYIP is anything more than the most dangerous game that you've ever delt with. Why should you believe me? Well your talking to a guy that took $30 and turned it into $24,000 and lost it in the same amount of time it took me to log off and log back onto the internet. You see I was on the top of my game I was playing in 5-10 small HYIP games the real game ones that disappear every week or so, but I was only using 10-20$ in each of them.

The issue was I started to feel safe with 2 of the largest HYIPs of the time, GoldenRocks and 12DailyPro. I eventually expanded both programs to close to $12,000 each, remember is started in these programs compounding from $30 at 40-50% every 2 weeks or so for over a year, things were going well. It came down to adrenaline over the course of that year I lost sight of just how at risk that money was. One week the day after I redeposited all $12,000 GoldenRocks disappeared with promises that they were coming back, that never came to be. 12DailyPro was shutdown by the SEC completely and they confiscated everything with the promise of returning money only to have 8 emails from US lawyers with legal fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for them to work to "do right by the investors" the fact is had the SEC not stepped in their would have been a lot of rich people instead their were a lot of broke people.

Now why did I redeposit that $12,000 your asking common sense would have said since it was even a little risk why wasn't I siphoning off some of the cash out of the investing into my pocket. Well the reason is pretty simple it's hard to take cash out of something that makes 50% profit every 2 weeks. I mean those 2 weeks were going to make me $6,000 just for those 2 little weeks. It was truly greed that forces people to keep reinvesting and inevitably loosing everything.

So here is my suggestion to you play with them if you want the chance to make a quick buck, but always keep in mind that the moment you invest your money, it's gone! Don't count on it ever coming back because the chances are stacked against you. Be smarter than I was, if you make cash take part of it out always take part of it out, yes the idea that compounding your earnings sounds great the fact of it comes down to is that it's impossible to compound 0$ which is what every person who "invests" with HYIPs ends up with, remember when it comes to HYIP's online no matter how great they seem your never investing your PLAYING.

Before the thought gets into your head you're not going to hear a single word or recommendation on which game or sites to play, one reason is that they change far to often for me to give you one that will eventually be available whenever you do decide to try them. The other reason is after loosing all that money I just really don't feel right recommending any no matter how great they appear to be, as I won't be responsible for any of you making a poor choice because of a suggestion I make, I want you all to have the opportunity to make money but I want you to make that choice as informed as is possible.