# Monday, 15 December 2008

Fap Turbo is the name of the newest Forex Trading Robot. It is the number one Forex Trading Robot of all times in both back-testing and forward LIVE trading, so I had to check it out myself and bought myself a copy here. The whole process is easy and lots of videos to explain you how to set it up. There support is great and they answer your questions fast.

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The whole installation was easy. So after it was set up, time to check out how it works, just to find out that the market is close, I bought it on the weekend. Maybe that was a good thing now, because I recommend you to take your time and watch all the videos and read the documentation. Just to make sure you have set everything the right way. One of the things you have to make sure is that you set you FAPturbo GMT correctly. So time to do some back testing. We set the start date to October 12st and ended it on 12 December 2008. We set out balance on $200. We choose the EURGBP currency pair. Time to hit start and let see what happens with the backtesting... WOW, we just made $696.41 profit! Amazing... Time to do some more testing... so we put back the time for a whole year. Now we noticed some strange things. Two times big loses of $170 or so. That sound right. Time to investigate. So we ask the Guys at Fap turbo. They explained, you cant do a backtest for a year as the summer and winter time changes, so the GMT has to be adjusted. That makes sense :), good to know! So that means the system preforms excellent! It performs way better than expected.

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