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You know those lawsuits that you kind of forget about and figure they will never come to anything or will be thrown out of court. Well back during the first generation of the iPod Nano, apparently their was a lawsuit for some pretty pissed off people that just thought the original iPod nano's crappy case was just beyond what would be considered acceptable when it came to how easily it became scratched and scuffed and turned into a really nasty piece of hardware (click image above to see closer example).

Well it seems that not only did they take Apple to court over the crappy case that was later sort of alleviated by including a slip case (admitting they were originally at fault basically). They didn't just take them to court but now apparently they've won a settlement of $22.5 million that will be given out to those who own the old iPod Nano FIRST GENERATION, ya I know we're on what the 4th, 5th. 6th generation now? Basically if you had one of the original Nano's without the slipcase you are eligible for a $25 settlement, if you did get a slipcase your not left out either because you still got jipped and get $15 for your trouble (does that mean the case is somehow worth $10? Of course this is all after the crappy attorney fees and other law related fees.

In the end it all is still subject to the final judge's approval of the settlement that will be heard in court on April 28th. So this may not be a discounted item or a way to make a killing online, it is a way that you might end up getting a bit of extra cash, even if it's only $25.00 in the crappy financial time every dollar counts is my view.

Source: Apple Insider

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# Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I decided this was worthy of posting because well, it is. I'm not really the MLM style guy and i've spoken out against every type of HYIP/Autosurf idea, well it seems that I might have found something that takes Surfing and MLM and Paid to Click and somehow actually seems to have turned it into a project that has a longevity planned into it that will allow for it to continue.

Basically what i'm talking about is GetTheBar it's a MLM program of sorts but the product is actually a free toolbar that you run in Firefox or Internet Explorer that is very basic but allows you to initiate searches from it. Sound like the yahoo/google bar? well it is pretty much the same except for a key difference. When you or your friends (up to 7 levels deep) search and click on a sponsored link, you in turn get a portion of that ad revenue that the bar is making from that sponsored link.

It's like google's search bar paying you to use it, the bar installs easily, has no spyware and the entire system is being run by Mr. Gilardi a very big guy in the MLM scene so it should definitly be a strong foundation for future growth. Personally my view is since it's free, and it pays money for doing something I already do without getting paid for doing it (searching the internet as normal) then I might as well use a program/toolbar thats going to pay me and my friends to actually use it.

If you'd like to give it a shot head over to GetPaidAtTheBar, for full instructions and details on getting involved, or jump straight in over at GetTheBar directly.

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