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Well ok today was 2 for Tuesday at Dominos and since I haven't posted in well lets face it Forever is an understatement, I'll take one from Dominos playbook and perform a bit of a layup to win back some of my readers and visitors good graces.

invicta mens 10057This time with a watch, It's the Invicta Men's 10057 watch, sorry though righty's, as this deals only for those Left Handed peeps out there, not sure if Amazon realized they could have a killer deal but limit the people that could take advantage of it while still looking like they did a great thing LOL.

This watch even on Ebay right now is going for well over 200$ from what I saw, so the fact that Amazon has it for a insanely deep cut of only $133 is a STEAL. Once again amazon says it's a 78% savings but realistically and after researching there past prices its more like a 39% savings, but still a insanely good deal for a nice looking men's watch and one that's actually laid out for the lefties out there.

Though I don't know what people would say for me because I'm a Righty that wears my watch on my Right hand. I know weird but that's what's comfortable somehow my wife makes fun of me even after 11+ years together when my watch comes up in any conversation Sad smile So perhaps a leftie watch on a righties right hand wearing wearer would work? Hmmmmmmm

Anyway if you're a leftie or know a leftie it's a darn good deal and you can grab it from Amazon

The Invicta Men's 10057 Specialty Lefty Chronograph Gold Dial

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Well I'm back and I'm going to be pushing out all the hottest deals I can find, and since this is my first post since coming back, I'll prove it with one I stumbled across while diving through my collection of recent price drops.

The SanDisk 2GB Compact Flash card is actually the same one I have in my camera at home, it works great and for the stupidly low cost that amazon has it for the last day or so, at $12.64 for a product that is seriously under priced for a sandisk unit.

Those that don't know sandisk make solid memory there one of the leaders in the industry, and the fact that this unit is on sale for nearly 60% (amazon says 87% but lets be honest amazon tends to oversell there % off statements, but really it is about 60% cheaper than most other areas and even the amazon tracked price is at the lowest it's been in well forever.

If your in the need for a decent CF card then don't wait Amazon tends to have there prices fall and then spike once they start getting a decent bit of sales.

SanDisk Ultra Compact 2GB

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