# Monday, 24 November 2008

If your in the shopping for a new watch, or if you've had a watch forever and just feel the need for a change it might be time to get one. Especially if your a fan of Seiko watches. Amazon's got a massive sale on Men's and Women's Seiko watches, in fact the deal is up to 50% off their regular prices!

There are currently over 100 models of Seiko watches up for grabs at this deal not all of the watches are going at 50% off but a good deal of them are, all categories are included sports, casual, fancy... Chronograph and Quarts, different watch band styles and different variations of the models. It's a lot to choose from especially for the Seiko lovers out their (which even I know quite a few of them personally.

Here are a few of the deals that are currently running at amazon right now

  • Seiko Men's Chronograph Black Ion Watch for $425 - $211 sale = $214.
  • Seiko Men's Kinetic Silver-Tone Watch for $350 - $161 sale = $189.
  • Seiko Women's Coutura Diamond Watch for $495 - $239 sale = $256.
  • Seiko Men's Coutura Kinetic Perpetual Watch for $775 - $339 sale = $436.
  • Seiko Men's Kinetic Black Ion Watch for $425 - $198 sale = $227.
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# Friday, 21 November 2008

Theirs a reason your going to see a lot of "Deal-Flashes" on the site, the fact is that cheap deals especially ones that last only for a short amount of time is the fact that they can easily be flipped and resold for a pretty decent profit in many cases. Not to mention the fact that one effective way to increase your savings in your bank is to spend less cash when it comes to buying things you need.

Their are many great sites that offer things like our Deal-Flashes and I'm sure they will have many deals that we miss and overtime we will probably do a few deal site reviews of our own to discuss which sites you should really keep an eye on.

On top of this we're also playing around with the idea of how best to manage the deal flashes as this is just the beginning of the new site, eventually I plan to also roll out something along the lines of "Resale-Flashes" which would basically be confirmed resellable items that you can make a profit off of with items reselling on ebay, or just generally via your own online store. These Resale Flashes will show the price that we found the item for as well as further information such as the Low/High/Average price found online as well as the price that the items are available for on eBay.

As the Resale-Flashes are kind of the golden deals there will probably be fewer of them over time but they will come eventually and of course they will most likely be time sensitive but we're going to try to bring them to you as often and as quickly as possible so that you can easily react to them and earn a bit of cash.

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Ok this is a big deal especially when the fact is that many 500gb drives are currently selling for $100 and 1tb sell for closer to 150$ the fact that Buy.com is offering the FD G-Force 1TB Hard Drive with external enclosure for only $99 after rebate it's a stunning deal. To top things off it's also got free shipping so you really are only gonna end up spending $99 a great deal for quickly upgrading your computers storage.

It's actually a pretty good drive overall with all the standard features such as Dual Interface (eSATA & USB 2.0), 7200RPM, 16MB all in a very Mac-esque external case. I'm pretty sure it's some oem drive inside but at this price it really doesn't matter at this rate you could get 2tb for about the same price as you'd normally get 1 or 1.5tb that's a pretty big deal for those media junkies like myself. The only draw back to this great price is the fact that part of the discount comes in the form of a mail-in rebate but even at the $119.99 without the rebate it's still a great deal.

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In a bid to get things rolling on the site I've got a pretty great deal, a Apple Airport Express M9470LL/A available for the same cost as a crappy Linksys! Ok these aren't the new 802.11n model but considering how tiny and effective these little guys are it's a great deal. They normally sell for $100 and today they have a $40 discount clearance sale over at MacMall.

For those that don't know the M9470LL/A acts as bouth a standard WiFi access point or router as well as giving remote access for a iTunes music collection. This specific model that's up for sale has 802.11a/b/g connectivity, both an ethernet port and a USB port, and 3.5mm audio minijack for analog and optical digital sound. The wicked part is this is all built into the power supply in one piece.

As usual it comes with the bevy of security features WPA/WPA2, WEP and is fully supported on PC and MAC a like. All necessary software is included and has a full year AppleCare warranty.

Definitly a great deal over at MacMall for $59.99.

As a note you can also get free shipping if your total order is over $99+ for a limited time and of course since it's a clearance sale while supplies last.

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# Wednesday, 20 July 2005

After a lot of thought I've decided that Profitcorp should be a bit more active so i plan to use the site as a bit of a sounding board for all things that have a chance of turning a bit of profit for you and me, as well as ideas that anyone can put into practice in these hard times to save a bit. So we'll also be posting things like great deals and other issues.... As I'm still busy working on my other sites and getting this site up to speed, be patient eventually the posts will pick up a good bit

For those of you that enjoyed the old site don't fret the old site is still fully available if you just click "old site" over on the right side menu :)

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