ProfitCOrp Disclamer / Terms of Service

The following are the general Terms of Service for the ProfitCorp Network of Sites. While this disclamer is meant to cover all subsites of the Network, it must be understood that each site may have its own Unique Rules and Regulations along with terms of conditions.

Due to the high risk with any investment made online, it is REQUIRED that all members or persons making active usage of a ProfitCorp Program or Website, understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth within this disclamer.

Note: Investing in any form is a risk, please always invest only what you can afford to do loose. While we attempt our best to provide completely reliable services, problems can always arise or funds can be lost. We try to best guage risk and provide you with the best estimate of risk on investments, but never spend money you depend on or need, as a rule of thumb always remember that investing is a risk, and diversification and smart spending are the only ways to insure success.

  • By spending you agree to not hold Liable ProfitCorp, it's members, administrators or other partys directly or indirectly associated with the our website or network.
  • By using any programs in our network you understand that these terms or the program's individual terms can change without notice, however in most cases We will do our best to make sure members know about any such changes
  • ProfitCorp and its network of websites reserves the right to accept or decline any member for membership without explanation.
  • Profitcorp is not responible or liable for any domages, losses, costs resulting from any violation of the conditions set forth by the administration.
  • By using any sites on our network you understand that you must be not comitting a crime in respect to any local, national, or international laws. (ex. Under age investing)