How to transfer money to my e-gold account

The easiest way is to wire you money to an exchange site. We used the following site and this worked good:

Goldex worldwide eCurrency exchange - buy e-gold with credit card, bank wire, cash deposit, and Western Union. Full ecurrency exchange service includes e-gold, E-Bullion, GoldMoney, Pecunix, EvoCash, INTGold. Superior customer service and many easy contact options. GoldEx for all your online gold needs.

GoldEx is the first fully 128 bit SSL secured PGP encrypted internet based transaction website for the purchase of e-gold and other internet currencies within 12 to 24 hours.

Step One: Sign-Up for a new membership

Step Two: Check Your Email for your USERNAME and PASSWORD

Step Three: Place your secure order

  • BUY e-gold - Bank
  • Transfer / Cash
  • BUY e-gold with Credit Card
  • SELL e-gold or other ecurrencies
  • EXCHANGE to / from e-gold
If you would like to purchase Gold via Wire Transfer or Cash Deposit at one of our banking locations, Select the currency you will be sending us and the eCurrency you wish to purchase Please Note: Members using branch deposit, BPAY, bank wire and bank to bank transfers are requested to include the last two digits of your GoldEx Membership ID to be deposited as cents with your transfer. For example: If you are buying E-Gold and your GoldEx Membership ID is 123456 and your transfer amount is $10,000.00 - then you need to send $10,000.56. This will ensure easy identification of your funds and quick funding of your order.
Please Note: After placing this order, you must contact us to request our Wiring Directions. We DO NOT automatically debit your bank account.
After the transaction the wire transfer information will appear in the goldex inbox.
Wire Instruction were as August 09 2005
(This information is only for verification purposes)
Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona
La Caixa
c/aribau 36
Barcelona Spain

account name Aspen Consulting Inc
account address Cuba Avenue 34-20 Panama
account number 21001309107200303840

IBAN ES7921001309107200303840

Please always include the order ID in the memo section of the wire