Hyip Tips for beginners

Follow these tips and you will be off to become a good HYIP investor. Keep on educating yourself and always remember:

Dont invest what you can't afford to loose!

Tip:Dont jumb into new HYIP program right away

If it is to good to be true, most of the time it is. So if a program sounds good and really interested, but it in your favorites and put it in a folder to new HYIP. Put a date when you first saw it. If the program is for real it will be there still in three months! So just keep track of the new programs and after a while when you see they are still around then you can start with some test spends. Again read forums and get more information about a program, check if people got paid etc.

Tip: start with some test spends

If the program is new to you, don't drop in thousands of dollars in a new program. Depenign on your money reserved for HYIP use maybe 1-5% of all your money to do a test spend. Again do the necessary checks before investing. If in doubt do the mimimum allowed investment and see and wait.

tip: get your principle out when in profit

Always try to get out your initial investment. When you are in profit take out your principal and keep investing with the money you make off the program. This way if the program disappears you still have your money. You can even make money with scam/disappearing programs this way! It is all about managing your investments right. Don't try to get millions over night! If you build it slow in the beginning, you will be more successful and when you are doing it for several months you have a better idea what is going on in the HYIP market.

Tip: Be prepare for some ups and downs

Be prepare to expect to have some periods where the programs will have some problems and are paying you late. That does not mean always that these program will disaappear, but simple need time to get their act together. It ias always wise to keep a cool head and give the admin of these programs time to get their stuff together. Some people start posting some nasty post in forums when an admin is one day late! This does not help nobody. You have to understand that there are sometimes valid reason why an admin cant pay on time or why a HYIP site is unavalaible. Best thing to do is contact the admin first before starting to post all kind of negative news about a program. Keep in mind when a program gets a lot of negative publication it affects YOUR INVESTMENT! I have seen many programs collapse due to members starting to post negatively before the admin could respond. With result admin and investorslooses confidence. So a site will disappear and you just lost your money. Rule:

If problems with program contact first the admin give him time to respond and fix issues

We wish you a lot of success in HYIP's and if you have any questions feel free to contact us because our aim is your financial freedom!