Well it is about getting yourself better off financially, helping you retire or make you some additional income. When we started with the online invest programs, HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs), Autosurf, we were very skeptical. Afraid of all the scams and frauds. Sure enough we hit some scams, but that is part of the learning process. My partner started July 2005 with just 100 dollars, to see how he could turn that money in more. To our surprising it went very well. At mid January 2006 he is upto about 5000 dollars. My investment of a 1000 dollars, which I did end August 2005, and a second investment of $2000 is now (mid January 2006) upto about 7000 dollars. And I think I will not update these figures anymore, because it gets to ridiculous to believe.

How to make money online? Money for Nothing?

There are several ways to make money online. You can invest in HYIP. There are a lot of website out there. Which one can you trust? That is difficult to say. The only way is check online at the rating sites for HYIP. One of those rating website is MOG (Ministry of Gold). On those rating sites other people will rate the HYIP, in terms of paying or not paying. But be aware some rating sites are scams too! To be successful in online investment you have to spend a lot of time doing research, checking investment sites, read what other have to say etc. We at ProfitCorp will help you with the research. We will do most of the footwork for you and we will do the Due Diligence (DD) of the available investment sites. If you have a site you want to invest into you can always check the scam list or if you want you can always email us.

ProfitCorp has its own Private HYIP called SecurVest. It has at the moment a program that pays about 200%. Check the website and see how to request more information.

Besides HYIP there is paid surfing. The number one site at the moment is:

How to start with 12dailypro

I have been paid several investment cycles and I am still reinvesting. The only thing you have to do is look at minimum of 12 pages a day (total 6 min) and they will pay you 12% a day. An upgrade will last 12 days. This will give a Return on Investment of 144% in 12 days! I was skeptical, but after now being paid so many time and different challenges for the program, which they survived, it looks like a very solid program. All you have to do is "upgrade Account or buy"  you buy "Pro Upgrade Units @ $6 an unit" (not the 500 or 1000 advertising credits!). After you purchase the units you have to click start surfing, when you reach 12 you are done for the day! I would advise let it run till the max of 30.