Our Mission

ProfitCorp started small with private investments in August 2005. While managing these private investments, we saw the potential and capabilities of the online investment world. The insight in the online financial potential made us realize that we have to move with our business to a higher level. We saw that our combined knowledge and fresh look on the online investment business gave us an advantage over other online businesses and programs. Due to the fact that our team consist of young enthusiastic persons and experienced, successful business owners, we believe ProfitCorp is a very dynamic organization. This dynamic character can been seen in the fast amount of new and creative ideas the company has brought and is bringing to market. Our portfolio of ideas is extensive and continually growing. From this fast source of ideas, we develop one of these ideas into a nice solution and or product. Every new product and or solution brought to the market will help ProfitCorp grow financially. This grow will be used to help its members to achieve a better financial status. The main reason of ProfitCorp is to make its members financially better.

We know that we are in for an exciting ride and we hope that you will join as a member and get the same excitement we are enjoying.